Darling Friend,

I am so glad that you have arrived at The Memory Box Project.  It is beautiful to see your shining smile at last.

This is the place where women can gather to create their spiritual legacy for their children.  This is where our circle of love and wisdom connects both the past and the future.

Here is where we become present to the healing that occurs when we mine our own experiences for the benefits and gifts that we have been given.

A place of sharing.  A place to rest.  A place to be.

And here you are….

This is where the movement towards soulful legacy begins, my Sweet!

So I made this little video to tell you a little more about what led me to start “The Memory Box Project”:


And now I imagine you’re just itching to dive on in.  So here’s what you can do….


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This PDF guidebook is a whole 152 pages of lovingly crafted and super- helpful advice on how to get started, keep going and create your very own Memory Box.  Infused with heartfelt advice and beautifully laid out to make reading a joy, this is all you need to create a legacy the likes of which the world has never seen! (It’s true!)


Perhaps you’re not ready for such an explosion of delight and love yet, so how about getting started with your FREE starter pack?
(What can I say?  I’m a giver….)
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This FREE Starter Pack is full of goodies to get you started on your Memory Box Journey.  You will receive printable fun sheets, easy video lessons, free audio meditations, and a whole pack of useful bits and bobs to get your own Memory Box Circle going.
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